Workshop on RF Wireless Power

Workshop on RF Wireless Power

For Engineers and Product Designers, there will be a half day training program on AirFuelâ„¢ RF technology to learn how to integrate wireless power with spatial freedom into your products. Integration and Deployment of RF Wireless Power in IOT Sensors Hosted at WPTCE on the closing afternoon of the conference.

  • Date: Thursday, June 8th
  • Time: 1-5 pm
  • Cost: $300 USD
  • Registration will launch soon on the WPTCE website!
  • To reserve your spot, email and we will notify you when registration is open.
Workshop on RF Wireless Power

Image Courtesy of AirFuel Alliance


  1. AirFuel RF Introduction
  2. Overview of AirFuel RF Specification
  3. Communication between Transmitters and Receivers
  4. Regulatory and Safety Considerations
  5. RF Power Transmitter Design (TX)
  6. RF Power Receiver Unit (RX)

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