Market Trends

With over 3 billion NFC-enabled smartphones in use, the technology is accessible and poised for growth in 2023.

Read a Summary of Wireless Power's Impact at APEC

Breakthrough from Toyota and Electron Enabling Smaller Batteries

Listen to EE Times Podcast Recapping Embedded World 2023

Cota® 5.8GHz Real Wireless Power Developer Kit at CES 2023

Power Electronics News on Expanding Wireless Power Transfer

The first UnWired Day, a recap on a day full of wireless excitement

Will power beaming be a green energy game-changer?

Join us during IEEE Wireless Power Week 2022 (WPW 2022) for a special event that is co-hosted and organized by UnWired!

Watch out Silicon. Wireless charging and GaN semiconductors are coming.

Keynotes, workshops and panels hosted by IEEE

Spoiler alert: We're still trending up

You weren't fooling anyone with those cord covers anyway



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