2023: The Year of NFC Wireless Charging

2023: The Year of NFC Wireless Charging

Within a year, you’ll be able to wirelessly recharge your earbuds with your phone. You’ll also be able to recharge a stylus using an NFC-enabled tablet—or almost any small IoT device without cables.

Major manufacturers have already developed these products, and the NFC Forum, a global industry standards body, has created the necessary NFC wireless charging standard specifications. Today, with more than 3 billion NFC-enabled smartphones in use, the market for NFC wireless charging is ready and accessible.

All the pieces are coming together to make 2023 the year of NFC wireless charging.

Why NFC wireless charging?

NFC technology is one of the most ubiquitous technologies on the planet: One-quarter of the world’s population already has access to it. According to a 2022 report by ABI Research, 85% of consumers use NFC technology, and nearly half prefer using their mobile phone or smartwatch to a contactless card for payment.

This pervasiveness is fueling the rise of NFC wireless charging in 2023 across mobile devices, including smartphones, smartwatches, fitness trackers and other wearables, as well as tablets and other handheld devices. Most of these already use NFC technology for data transfer and communication.

The drive toward NFC wireless charging started three years ago, when the NFC Forum released a wireless charging specification that transformed smartphones or other NFC-enabled devices into portable charging stations. This means that NFC-enabled devices can, without cables, wirelessly charge small battery-powered IoT devices with 1 W and eventually up to 3 W of power. These devices include fitness watches, wireless earbuds, digital stylus pens, smart glasses and other devices.


Energous Elevates IoT Wireless Power Networks to a Higher Level of Performance

Energous Elevates IoT Wireless Power Networks to a Higher Level of Performance

Image Courtesy of Energous

Energous, a leading developer of RF-based intelligent wireless power networks, today announced the launch of a new 2 Watt conducted power transmitter, which addresses the growing power demands from the rapidly expanding IoT ecosystem across supply chain, logistics, retail, industrial and agricultural industries. The 2W PowerBridge transmitter doubles the energizing capability of Energous’ 1W transmitter currently deployed in the field, continuing towards Energous’ goal of freeing IoT devices from the constraints of replaceable batteries and charging cords and extending power and range.

The number of IoT devices continues to expand, especially in industrial, commercial, and residential spaces. Energous’ 2W PowerBridge helps reduce the need for replaceable batteries and charging cables, and is capable of powering IoT devices in these settings at distance and with reduced need for maintenance or human intervention, enabling a more automated workflow and deployment of Active Energy Wireless Power Networks.

Energous PowerBridges are designed to drive transformation across the entire IoT ecosystem. These devices not only have the capability of wirelessly charging multiple devices simultaneously from a distance using RF-based wireless power, but they can also function as data links for connected IoT devices. This enables them to communicate valuable data and insights back to the cloud.

The 2W PowerBridge will be available for testing via a new 2W Evaluation Kit by the end of Q2 2023.

Source: Business Wire